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Industrial and Commercial grade concrete sealers
CDP Concrete Sealers are about protecting your concrete.

Buying a concrete sealer can get confusing and frustrating especially the more research you do on them. I have been applying and manufacturing concrete sealers since 1999. I have personally sealed many warehouse floors, driveways, parking lots, hog barns, auto shops, and garage floors, well you get the idea. If you have any question, concerns, or just need help sifting through it all please click here and leave your information.  If you just have a questions on what would be best for your floor contact me.

If you are looking at hiring a contractor make sure they are very familiar with the concrete sealer they use and also ask for jobs, pictures and whatever else they can provide you with from past customers. Try and get information on jobs that were done at least 3 years ago.

As a concrete sealing service and manufacturer I use the best products and chemicals for your concrete driveways, sidewalks, concrete floors, garage floors, warehouse floors, brick, block and anything else made of concrete . My products are low cost because I have low overhead, everything shipped is in concentrate form, I do very little advertising and I ship direct with no middle man. I have been in business since 1999 due to my customers and word of mouth referrals. I am not going to make statements or promise you something I know I can not or my concrete sealers can deliver.

The bottom line is you can have all the literature with the best test results and specs. Your product can meet or exceed all the ASTM for job requirements. But if it isn't applied right or testing was done in a controlled environment without all the different variables from all the different regions. It isn't going to matter what the spec sheet and testing data shows. I have personally seen and witnessed good quality sealers that were specified by engineers or architects and the end results where disastrous. I have personally been called in to redo many floors that have been sealed improperly.

It doesn't matter if it is old or new concrete I will do my best to extend the life of your investment. I do not do anything fancy,  I can not make bad concrete good, and can not perform miracles. I just try to extend the life and protect the concrete you have.

I am slowly converting CDP Concrete Sealer over to the Concrete Sealing Network. I am working on educating new people nation wide on how to make and apply a variety of concrete sealers. This will be more convenient, better service, and faster shipping. This will also keep the costs low.

If you have question you can contact me or ask questions on the forum on the Concrete Sealing Network

CDP Concrete Sealers have been used on

  • Warehouse Floors
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Fire Stations
  • Storage Buildings
  • Antique Malls
  • Machine Sheds
  • Schools hallways
  • Garages floor
  • Bakeries
  • Bar floors
  • Hog Barns
  • Personal toy boxes (large buildings for the big boy toys)
  • Wood shop floors
  • Cabinet shop floors
  • Semi washout center
  • Churches
  • Parking lots
  • Grocery stores
  • Dairy Barns
  • Condominium floors
  • Fitness Center floor
  • Dog Kennels
  • Basements Floors
  • Strip Malls
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Rec Centers
  • Crematory floors
  • Butcher shop floors
  • US Post Offices floors and shops
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Utility companies truck shops
  • Upholstery shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Driveways
  • Feed lots
  • Welding shops


All concrete sealers listed below do not bridge, resurface, fix, repair, cover up, hide, any imperfections in your concrete.

Sealing Interior concrete floors with CDP Smooth Floor


After cleaned


When it come to sealing interior floors whether it is a large or a small job I have developed a cleaning and sealing process for old and new concrete which will give you many years of easy cleaning and protection from different elements.

Every floor will develops it's own look and not all floors turn out the same. But over all performance is.

In this process I do
not use any water. I have different kinds of concrete sealers that are use for the cleaning and the sealing process.

For the DIY people I will do what I can to walk you through the simple steps of sealing your interior concrete floors. I am working on videos that can show the many different ways to seal your concrete.

Acrylic sealers have there place, but your warehouse or shop floor is not one of them. As seen in the picture to the right. Acrylic sealers scuff, scratch, flake, peel, attract dirt, tire marks, and have to be reapplied over a short time. A good densifier/penetrating sealer is a low maintenance and long lasting sealer that will give you years and years of maintenance free care. They will prevent concrete dusting, enable easier cleaning of spills, enable easier sweeping and general cleaning, plus give you a nice appearance. This is all said if your sealer is applied correctly. Densifier/penetrating concrete sealers are a dime a dozen with specs, testimonials, and well put together literature that can lead you in the wrong direction. So you need to be careful when choosing a densifier/penetrating sealer. There are a lot of good densifier/penetrating sealers on the market, but the over all directions for use and chemicals used can mislead you on your end results and performance of the sealer. Every concrete sealer manufacture want you to believe they have the best product on the market. They have their secret formula, secret catalyst, and what not. But like I said previously if the application isn't done right you can expect failure and performance.

The pictures to the right was a test spot done with an Acrylic sealer. These pictures were taken 4 years later. The 20,000 square feet floor was done using CDP Concrete Smooth Floor sealer. One small section was with an acrylic sealer.

There are so many variables involved when sealing concrete. humidity, moisture in concrete, air temperature, ground temperature, porosity of the concrete, the region you live in, how it was clean, what chemicals were used in the cleaning and the actual finish of your concrete floor.

When using a penetrating concrete sealer as a concrete cure, you must reapply after 30 days for maximum performance. Water base silicate penetrating concrete sealers when applied on green or new concrete will break down and partially dissipate when the concrete cures out after 30 days. By reapplying after 30 days this will fill the capillary pores after the concrete has cured out. This will give you a harder and more impermeable surface. Understanding how concrete sealers work and all the variables that can affect your concrete sealers can take many years. Many concrete sealing manufacturing companies offer guideline directions, but there are many factors that come into play when sealing concrete. humidity, moisture in concrete, air temperature, ground temperature, porosity of the concrete, the region you live in, how it was clean, what chemicals were used in the cleaning process and the actual finish of your concrete floor. All of these can play a role in how your concrete sealers set up. With that being said there are many different ways your application can change to meet the conditions.

CDP Smooth Floor when applied right works great for a 20 year finish on colored concrete without flaking, pealing, and having to reapply.




Clean and Seal an Old Floor with CDP Smooth Floor Sealer

Sealing a New Floor with CDP Smooth Floor Sealer

Clean and Seal New Concrete using

CDP Smooth Floor Sealer and CDP-DW

How to Buff in CDP Smooth Floor

Mixing CDP Smooth Floor Sealer

Demo using CDP smooth Floor Sealer

Cleaning a old greasy concrete floor with CDP Cure & Seal

This is a longer version of Cleaning and Sealing for excessive concrete dusting issues.

Video to show how to Broom in CDP Smooth Floor Sealer

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Sealing all your exterior concrete, brick, block, etc.

Sealing exterior concrete leaves a clear natural finish that leave your concrete protected with out reapplying for many years.
 We do Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, brick, block, retaining walls, swimming pool decks, pretty much anything concrete outside that you could imagine.

 As a manufacture of our own products we offer the best products and service available at a very reasonable fee.

For the DIY people,

CDP-SW is a silane/siloxane base penetrating concrete sealer that will help protect your concrete from salt attack, water damage, dirt and water stains. Life span of about 3 to 5 years. Silane/Siloxanes should be applied after the 30 day cure time of new concrete. This product is temperature sensitive. You should make sure you have a consistent temperature of at least 50 degrees for a week. Sealing any concrete for freeze/thaw damage is not 100% guarantee that you will not get some form of pitting or spawling. Sealing your exterior concrete for salt damage, ice melts, and freeze/thaw damage will increase your concrete life about 70%. But this is not a guarantee.

CDP Cure & Seal is a penetrating concrete sealer with about a 10 year plus lifespan.
CDP Cure & Seal will help protect your concrete driveway from oil and other staining.
CDP Cure & Seal will keep all the contaminants up on the surface.
For added protections CDP-DW can be applied over the CDP Cure & Seal for added water and freeze thaw protection.

When sealing your concrete driveway or any other exterior concrete products or structures, it is best to apply any concrete sealer a minimum of a month before the temperatures start to get down to freezing. A lot of the chemicals used in many of the concrete sealers are temperature sensitive and can affect the performance of your concrete sealer. Most penetrating concrete sealer require a minimum of 30 days to completely step up or cure out. If you wait until late fall you run the risk of your concrete sealer not setting up correctly. This can cause concrete sealer failure of many concrete sealers.

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The CDP Cure & Seal not only seals your concrete it also cleans it.
Over a short period of time the CDP Cure & Seal will work out all the contaminants in your concrete. It penetrates in the concrete and works out anything that shouldn't be in there, it also uses the outside environment, the wind, rain, heat, and cold. It will self clean your concrete. This includes removing mold, mildew, and algae. This is done without any kind of pressure washing or any other kind of prep work. 


Sealing concrete with CDP-DW

Sealing Concrete with CDP-SW

Easier Snow Removal

Spraying a Brick Wall

Oil Spill demo
Cleaning and Seal a dog kennel/patio in one step

Cleaning Algae and oil

Sealing hog barn or commercial hog confinements

Sealing your hog slats in your hog barn or commercial hog confinement can help decrease deterioration of your hog slats. This also can reduce your clean out time. I have personally sealed 100's of hog barns since 1999. This process consist of using  two CDP sealers. 1st using the CDP Cure & Seal and then after several hours applying CDP-DW. Your down time is just several hours. This process can be done on old or new hog slats. Every 3 to 5 years you can reapply the CDP-DW.

 Pictures taken of floors after 7 years of use

 SouthEastern Electric Coop

 Wheel City Automotive


More information & videos will be added when time permits


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